Voiceover script
Pronunciation: Nishantha – Nee – shon – the
Jesmin – Jes – men
Chathuri – Cha – thu – ree
Imasha – Ee – Ma – Sha
Word: 240
Style: Clean, professional, story-telling

Meet Nishantha, a BIMA agent in Sri Lanka. Nisantha is one of the thousands of BIMA agents working in field teams and call centres around the world.

These women and men are responsible for BIMA’s unparalleled growth, adding over 500,000 new subscribers each month.

93% of BIMA customers support their families on less than 10 dollars per day. Over 90% are trying insurance for the first time. These are vulnerable customers who prefer to speak with a sales person before they buy. Agents like Nishantha provide this vital product education; ensuring every BIMA customer understands our products and how to use them.

Next our agents help the customer to register. The process is paperless, conducted on a handset in under two minutes. They enter simple details – name, age and unique phone number – then receive a confirmation SMS from BIMA. It’s that easy.

Nishantha sells around 30 policies each day. Globally, our agents make some 16,500 registrations per day. For pitches than don’t covert to sales, our agents act as community ambassadors for both BIMA and the power of insurance.

Nishantha also helps develop junior agents like Jesmin, Chathuri and Imasha. 51% of BIMA agents are women, and this gender balance is an important part of our social impact mission.

Nishantha and agents like him are the keys to BIMA’s success. They have brought insurance to millions of at-risk families and built BIMA into the first sustainable micro-insurance player.

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