Script: Sallon

Have you ever been frustrated when looking for a quality stylist? Or found it difficult to book a nail appointment at the last minute? We’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we created SALLON, an innovative new app, set to revolutionise the beauty industry. SALLON combines the best aspects of your favorite social networks and sites – booking and location abilities, pinning, messaging, and social interaction. Each element combines to create the ultimate salon experience for customers, plus enhanced business and marketing opportunities for salons.

The app is customized to its user’s location and preferences, and guides them through their geo-located list of salons, offers, ratings, treatments, facilities, and more. It also shows availability and streamlines the booking process, making the experience of discovering and booking a hair or beauty appointment faster, smoother, and better. For salons it provides customer interaction and retention via posts, options, and rewards. It draws customers in with real time booking and attractive offers, and keeps them coming back with updates, pictures, and great customer service. Interacting with customers this way has been proven good for business; in fact Salon is forecast to generate over £141k of sales in its first year from 670 salons alone.

So are you ready to be part of the future of the beauty industry? SALLON is currently seeking investments at £20 per share with 16,667 shares on offer, representing 25% equity of the company. We’re doing this through a combination of crowdfunding and angel investing. And the market is ready for us. There are 1,200 hair salons in London and over 50,000 nail, hair & beauty salons in the UK. With over 300,000 salons across Europe, a mere 10% penetration of the market would bring in annual revenues of £17,640,000.

The future of the beauty industry is here. We’re going to change the way you, and millions of other users, find and make your beauty appointments. You’ll be able to search by location, reviews, availability, and so much more, and if you’re a salon owner, you’ll be able to draw in customers who might never have discovered you. Your support will help us develop the mobile application, build our infrastructure, give SALLON working capital, and more. Are you ready to help us shape the way the hair and beauty industry exists, operates, and perceives itself? Join us today!