Saske: Case Study #1 – Kamali
Voice: African female – upbeat, clean, friendly

Visual style: Cartoon cutout, show everything that is said

Runtime: 1m +/-

Voiceover: 110 words

Pronunciation: SXAS: ‘SASS’ (x is silent), Saske: ‘SASS-kay’, Kamali: Ka Ma Lee

Meet Kamali.

Kamali is a farmer. She users her family ‘s mobile phone to post questions on farming forums, actively participate in Facebook groups, and message with her friends.

Since all of this online activity has been done through Saske, she’s earned 21 SXAS, the equivalent of 75,000 Shillings. That’s enough to keep her large family well fed for the week.

When she goes to the local market, she buys her groceries from Ebo. When she is finished and ready to pay, Ebo simply scans her QR code with his phone to receive payment in SXAS.

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Saske… Humanising Cryptocurrencies