Case – Yusuf


Voiceover: Female: Arabic accent (not too heavy)

Tone: Happy, upbeat – NOT depressed/monotoned

Pronunciation: SXAS: ‘SASS’ (x is silent), Saske: ‘SASS-kay’


Meet Yusuf. This latest blackout couldn’t have come at a worst time. He runs to the local maqhaa to charge his tablet and check on his feeds. Once back on Saske, he sees a tweet of his friend Ritah’s video and quickly comments, offering his specialized online travel booking services, praying he’s not too late.

Running a business on shaky electricity is aggravating. But his company has flourished since he found Saske’s Allied Marketing Exchange. With no set-up fees and a simple way to connect with hundreds of Allies, he no longer feels intimidated when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Yusuf absolutely loves that for every second he spends active on Saske, he’s earning digital cash – SXAS!

He can’t wait to finally have enough saved up to build on his roof that micro wind turbine farm he’s been dreaming of, and kiss his blackout problems goodbye forever!