Script: White Label Bot
Voice directions: Clean, strong, confident, male American voice

You’re a binary brand owner.
Like most binary brands, you’re looking for new ways to get the maximum dollar value from your list.
You want your leads to spend more money so you can bring in more profit over the long term.
But with most there are only so many existing revenue streams, what can you do to maximize your payer value?
Introducing White Label Bot.
White Label Bot Is a complete, white label binary business solution.
White Label Bot gives you all the tools you need to build a complete binary options business from scratch.
● A done-for-you, lead-capture landing page.
● A re-sellable binary options robot with real signals for the Forex market.
● And a back-end dashboard that provides all the analytics on your leads, traffic and conversions.

In the past, maximizing the value of your binary brand was tough.
You had to build your entire sales pipeline from the ground up.
Setting up your landing page…
Generating traffic…
And most importantly, doing retention to maximize player value.
When you only have a handful of retention options, lifetime player value is limited.

What White Label Bot does is to provide the best marketing tools to maximize your retention.
Any time your client hits a retention pressure point, White Label Bot gives you multiple options to maximize player value.
If the client wins a trade, the system sends him automated email and SMS messages to encourage another deposit.
If the client loses a manual trade, you can offer the algorithmic trading software as an upsell, to encourage him to redeposit.
You have two great options for using white label bot to boost your retention.
You can offer the robot as an upsell to “VIP” clients, giving them access to brand new signals and an autopilot trading feature.
And, you can offer the robot to your “burned leads” as a way to revive them and get them back into your sales funnel.

White Label Bot also gives you the option of selling your clients a managed trading account, a high-value service where your team runs your client’s trades for them.
And, best of all, White Label Bot comes with an easy, intuitive management interface, that lets you access all client stats in just seconds.
Instantly access all the relevant stats on your clients, including:
● Activity levels (how often they trade).
● Win rates.
● Deposits.
● Account balance.
● Conversion rate.
● Email and SMS tracking statistics.
● Risk management
● And much, much more.

From setting up your website all the way to managing retention, you have complete control over your business.
White Label Bot: the future of binary is here.