Script: Saske – Case Study #12

Voice style: English, clean, up-beat
Visual style: Cartoon cutout, show everything that is said
Runtime: 1m30s +/-
Voiceover: 124 words
Pronunciation: SXAS: ‘SASS’ (x is silent), Saske: ‘SASS-kay’

Meet Niko. Niko has a family and works remotely as a software developer. He has just started receiving his paychecks online in SXAS, which automatically get deposited into his WAVES Wallet.

Once he saw how easy it was to link his WAVES Wallet to a BitPay Visa debit card he was hooked! His small Northern city hasn’t quite caught onto the Saske revolution – yet. But Niko has always been a bit ahead of the flock.

Now he can take advantage of the fabulous exchange rate SXAS is enjoying and he couldn’t be happier. He and his family are now saving at least 90% on their everyday purchases. Life has never been better… thanks to Saske!

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Humanising Cryptocurrencies